Membership is $65 per month,  $110 for a couple membership (need not be family), and $100 per month for a family of three. All classes are covered by the membership fee. No contract required but we will offer a discount for long-term commitments. 

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a term for the martial arts of China, made famous in the West by Bruce Lee (Lee Jun-Fan) and his instructor Yip Man. We teach a style called Wu Wei Kung Fu, which is based on the Wing Chun system Bruce Lee taught Joseph Cowells the founder of our style. Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese-short range style which stresses efficiency and economy of movement.

Wu Wei is based on Wing Chun with influences from many other arts Eastern and Western. It is taught in independent schools with the headquarters of the style located in Israel. The current head of the style is Eyal Koren.

Lee believed in researching all arts and following your own path. In our school we provide a solid foundation for students to build upon in their personal development. 

Filipino Martial Arts

The indigenous arts of the Philippines are called by many names such as Kali, Escrima, and Arnis de Mano. Unlike arts most Westerners are familiar with, FMA teaches weapons first, beginning with the arm long stick and proceeding to double sticks, stick (or sword) and dagger, knife defense, staff, flexible weapons, and empty hands.

Bruce Lee became familiar with the Filipino arts through his friend and student Danny Innosanto and had a very high regard for their effectiveness. 


Combatives is a term for any of the simplified short courses for military, police, or civilian self-defense. It can be considered a subset of martial arts with techniques chosen from various arts depending on whether the purpose is battlefield combat, restraint and control, or escape from a dangerous situation.


We offer short courses in self-defense for those not able to maintain a regular schedule of lessons. Learn how to avoid or escape danger.