The Marshall School of Martial Arts offers lessons in Wu Wei Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, modern combatives, gigong exercise, and Historical European Martial Arts as well as self-defense and personal security consulting.

Wu Wei Gung Fu is a non-classical style of Kung Fu, pronounced Gung Fu in the Cantonese dialect.It is based on the Wing Chun style Bruce Lee taught Si Jo Joseph Cowells in Lee’s Seattle period, with influences from many other martial arts, eastern and western.

The Filipino Martial Art of Kali-Escrima is a weapon-based art, where the student first learns the art of fighting with the arm-long stick and progresses to double sticks or swords, espada i daga (sword and dagger form), mano daga (knife) then empty hand arts such as Panantukan (Filipino boxing).


The most common reason people take up martial arts is to feel more confident about their ability to defend themselves against assault. This is a worthwhile and practical reason, but the fact is basic competence in self-defense can be learned in a relatively short time by most able-bodied persons. And the biggest part of self-defense is more about situational awareness and taking certain precautions than physical skills. At MSMA we focus on all aspects of self-defense.

Reasons for taking up martial arts include:

  • Self-defense, professional use of force
  • The fellowship of like-minded people
  • Participation in a traditional physical art for self-discipline
  • Martial art as a spiritual discipline for meditation and self-perfection
  • Martial sport for tournaments
  • As a demonstration/performance art

After you’ve been in the martial arts for a while, you will find the reasons that matter to you personally, and begin a journey of self-discovery that will last a lifetime.